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Also, some other rants on startup culture vs. work/life balance:

  • No, Fuck Off: "Most tech jobs at startups are shit. ... There is a lot of burn and churn in our industry.."
  • Don't waste your time in crappy startup jobs: "Here are 7 misconceptions about startups that I'd like to dispel..."
  • Watch a VC use my name to sell a con: "..the only path to success in the software industry is to work insane hours, sleep under your desk, and give up your one and only youth, and if you don't do that, you're a pussy. ... I hate this, because it's not true, and it's disingenuous."

And now a video on work/life balance:

And one on client relations:

Revision 1.1.

Components arrived from Digikey this morning! Not having the final boards, I printed off a paper copy. And found my first mistake.

Apparently SOIC packages come in three different widths. Updated to reflect the SOIC-8M size.

Lesson learned: double check packages before ordering boards. I didn't catch this in time for Seeed to swap out the order, so I've sent another order in. At $10USD for ten boards, it won't break the bank. The old ones will be usable as just plain proto boards anyhow.

Revision 1.0.

These boards are 5cm square, so they're large enough to accomodate a simple circuit in the prototyping area, and small enough to be cost effective to build.

There's no programming header on this board. I'd like to program them through the I/O pins. If all goes well, I'll make a pogo pin rig to do that.

I've sent the boards off to Seeed for fabrication. In about three weeks, I'll get to see if they work or not.

The single most useful piece of thinking I've been using is Stewart Butterfield's March 2003 post on the devices in social software, mechanisms successful pieces of social software tend to have.

  • Identity
  • Presence
  • Relationships
  • Conversations
  • Groups
  • Reputation
  • Sharing

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